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Practicing naturopathy, homeopathy and Reiki here on the Gold Coast, in Ocean Drive Mermaid Waters – Christine is here to help!

Christines Natural Therapies have been a part of the Gold Coast for over a decade. We have a range of tools that can help improve your lifestyle, health and mindset and look forward to hearing from you soon!


Naturopathically I believe the vital energy of the body is the core of all health problems.

These teas are specifically formulated to help balance this energy in your body – click here to learn more!


Reiki lifts your vibration of light in your heart, and all other energy centres.


Homeopathy is a world renowned natural healing substance, that is simply mother nature at her best.


Christine can create a nurturing environment to brighten your outlook, and help you feel better about yourself, and your life.


An autistic child no matter the causation, can find help with Homeopathy. The results can be very rewarding for a family.


IBS can be tummy upsets, bloating, cramping. At Christine’s Natural therapies, I find the primary cause through Naturopathic diagnostics. A person is unique in their growth cycle of life, and any number of factors can be a cause of this problem.

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