• Naturopathy

    When I first became a naturopath I had chronic fatigue with not much hope of recovery, my naturopath changed my life with quite simply naturopathy, now I change other peoples lives in the same way. I ask for a health history of your whole life, then I assess you according to my Naturopathic knowledge. Your body and vital energy is your health that I focus on, through diet, and your energy centres that are dysfunctional, I find the start of the healing journey. Often a disease has been in your body for years before symptoms start to show.

    Please allow an hour for this consult, and bring an open mind, Naturopathy varies greatly from a medico consultation. I am registered with ANTA the Australian Natural Therapist Association, this is approved by all the health funds, if you are eligible for a refund please let us know.

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I like to live my life simply and effectively, I work in my home and believe in a homely healing environment. My time on every healing is about an hour and my cost is $90 for naturopathy or reiki. To book please phone me on 0414 431 004.