• Meditation

    People who want change in their lives, yet for some reason can’t find the right way to move forward, then meditation might help you find the right way. In an hour I show you how to create harmonious change, through guided meditation, I take you on a healing journey to let go of old emotions that no longer help to achieve your goals. I create a nurturing environment to brighten your outlook and help you feel better about yourself and your life.

    I guide you through a new meditation each week, one that cleanses your vital energy from your base chakra to your crown chakra. An hour to find your new you, and then flow through your day with less cares than before. A happy life is a feeling everyone wants to share, and live in. From terminal illnesses to allergies, there are a lot of little things that stop that feeling of happiness being there all the time.

    I charge $10 for an hour of relaxation on the Gold Coast. Please phone me to find times and location. 0414 431 004

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