• Naturopath Formulated Herbal Teas

    Healing Organic teas for sale
    So lovely tasting, you will want to have another, and another.

    20 years as a Naturopath has given me great insight into these wonderful  herbs.

    $2.55 postage anywhere in Australia.
    Teas are $15 each

    My Herbal teas are hand selected organic herbs, for a herbal immune booster, pick me up, or a relaxer at night.

    Very therapeutic for your body and soul.

    Naturopathically I believe the vital energy of the body
    is the core of all health problems.

    These teas are specifically formulated to help balance this energy in your body.

    All teas are not for pregnant or nursing mothers.

Christine's healing tea
Type of healing tea
  • Available Teas

    • Immune boost tea
      Flu can be helped, as can most health problems with this little boost of herbs.  Helps to fight fever, and flu germs.
      Reduces inflammation, increases circulation,
      Lots of antioxidants, that help your immune system fight bugs, and fungi.
      Barberry, cinnamon, blueberry, elderberry and hibiscus.
      Please don’t use if you have gallstones.


    • Place one level teaspoon in a tea pot. Steep for 2 minutes
      Then strain into a mug with 2-3 tspns honey for a wonderful taste.
      You can have three times a day to help you through the times when your immune system needs your help the most.


    • Pick me up tea
      There are times when stress can get the better of you.
      Whether its a hangover, or overwork, this will help you
      move forward and feel good.This tea stimulates your circulation, and is a brain tonic that increases your brain stimulation as well.
      Clearer thinking, and a new refreshed feeling can be the result of this great tasting refreshing tea.
      Do not use if you have high blood pressure
      Three times a day, or when you need it most.
      Gotu kola, cinnamon, star anise, spearmint and peppermint.


    • Anti stress tea
      A wonderful relaxer for any time of the day or night.
      The herbs help your mind to be clear, and more calm.
      Your body can be more relaxed as well.
      Whether its work stress or sleeplessness, this tea helps to
      Calm your whole body, a wonderful mix of certified organic herbs that make you feel wonderful.Take three times a day, or once, when needed.
      One level teaspoon in a tea pot, steep for 2 minutes, then strain into a cup with honey,
      This is so refreshing and delicious.
      Catnip, damiana, star anise, and gotu kola.
      Please don’t use if you are allergic to Arbutin.


    • Tummy tea
      For those times when you feel bloated, or know you’ve overdone some wonderful food.
      This tea calms the tummy, and helps to move things along, and out the other end.
      Whether there is a constant ache, or pain, this tea can help you. It’s a great cleanse for your digestive area.
      Take a level teaspoon, steep in a tea pot for 2 minutes.
      Then strain and put some honey in for a delicious drink.
      Aloe vera, st johns, spearmint, peppermint, chamomile, calendula, bilberry, elderberry. Hibiscus


    • Women’s tonic
      This wonderful tea helps to balance the hormones, and help with that time of the month, bloating, ups and downs, this helps you find  your balance again.
      Three times a day, or once a day, steep a level teaspoon in a tea pot for 2 minutes, than strain and add honey,
      for a wonderful taste.
      Dong quai, Horsetail, spearmint, peppermint.