• Homeopathy

    Homeopathy is a world renowned natural healing substance, that is simply mother nature at her best.
    All natural ingredients are added to water, and filtered out so that only the energy of the natural substance remains, yet the energy changes the body, mind and emotions of a person, so that the body can realign to a naturally healthy alternative to the disease that is present now.

    I help my health with burn creme, for sunburn, insect creme for insect bites. These are every day occurrences, that homeopathic’s help my family. The creation of vaccines, comes from the process learned from a homeopath. Homeopathic’s tho, are for when you have a disease, not as a preventative.

    Millions of dollars are spent on Homeopathic’s in Europe, as it is one of the best healing tools helping many people back to health.
    The consultation takes an hour to an hour and a half. This takes into account your genetics from your parents, as well as problems of an environmental nature, be it mould, or asbestos.
    The vital force of the body is bought back into a balance often not felt for years. There are homeopathic hospitals still in England and India.
    The remedy helps reduce, or alleviate these symptoms all together. This is wholly dependent on how long you have had a disease. Arthritis is a degenerative disease, and there can be an alleviation of a symptom, yet the joint cannot grow back.

    I have helped reduce sugar levels, and blood pressure, to name a few, of the many changes I have created in a clients life.
    Homeopathy is completely different to any other type of healing modality, as a Naturopath.

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I like to live my life simply and effectively, I work in my home and believe in a homely healing environment. My time on every healing is about an hour and my cost is $90 for naturopathy or reiki. To book please phone me on 0414 431 004.