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  • Autism

    Autism  for many is emotional agitation, mental awkwardness, and has many baffled, as to the cause.

    I can send anyone an old case study I did with many successes, of homeopathy healing Autistic tendencies, please read in my research page, my old study.

    The study on 3 year olds to 13 year olds, over 9 months changed each families lives forever in a really good way.
    Homeopathy can alleviate any number of symptoms.
    An autistic child no matter the causation, can find help with Homeopathy. The results can be very rewarding for a family.

    I always advocate a diary to write in each day, how many tantrums, how many biting incidents, etc. This also helps the mother and father to see the changes of symptoms, over time, so helps with the stress of living with Autism.


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